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A WolfQuest based pack inspired by the Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner
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 FAQ - For All Your Glader Concerns

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PostSubject: FAQ - For All Your Glader Concerns   Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:39 pm


What happens when you start the roleplay?
To begin the rp, you awaken to a great deal of metallic scraping and clanging and find yourself in what can only be described as an elevator made of an unknown metal known as ‘The Box’. You remember only your name, for your memory has been wiped. You can remember vague details of life outside the Glade, but no specific wolves, names or places. You know nothing of this new world you have entered and must learn to fit in with this group of wolves and get used to their way of doing things. You’ll be known as a Greenie or ‘Greanbean’ until you prove yourself enough to become a true Glader and take up one of the ranks.

Who put the wolves in the Glade?
WICKED (Wolves Isolated in Communal Killzone – Experimental Department). Who is WICKED? - Humans? Other wolves? Aliens? No one knows. The only thing understood is that the organisation is putting the Gladers through harsh physical and mental trials and experiments to observe their reactions for their own purposes.

What exactly does the Glade look like?
Despite its harsh nature, the Glade is not an ugly place. It is a vast expanse of land that is, for the most part, lush and green. However, it is eerily artificial. There is no sun, but rather a general glow that gradually seems to appear more concerntrated across the dome of the sky. Quite a range of prey roam the open plains and forests, an unnatural mix of anything from roe deer to quolls that seem to appear from nowhere. Similarly, there are dangers and other predators that stalk the woods and pose threats to the wolves, both natural and biologically engineered. Bordering the Glade is the Maze, a dark and dangerous place sprinkled with Grievers.
All in all, it is not a completely unpleasant place, but there are a great many strange and unnatural things within its confines.

Is there a boundary fence or something to stop wolves getting out of The Glade?
Yes, there is the Maze. It is a complicated labyrinth of moving walls covered in vines and within its confines hide dark and terrible creatures including the Grievers, half-machine, half-beast. There is one known entrance to the Maze on the East Wall that opens during the day and closes at night to keep the Grievers out. There has never been an exit from the maze discovered as it is thought to be at least a few miles deep in either direction, and though escape has been attempted it has been deemed an impossible task.

Does my wolf's name have to start with the same letter as their Subject letter?
No, the Subject Letter is only a mark for how long you have been a part of the Glade and does not have to relate to your wolf's name in any way. (eg. A wolf named Jericho could be Subject F)

The Forum:

How do I go from a Greenie to a Glader?
All you need to do is prove you're an active and loyal member, both in the roleplay and generally on the site. This is roughly measured by your Dreamer Marks (The transition usually occurs around 30 DM)

What are Dreamer Marks and how do I get them?
'Dreamer Marks' is the name given to the points system on the site. They are called so because the longer a wolf stays within the Glade, the more dreams and nightmares they tend to have which is also measured in terms of their experience. They can be achieved by posting around the site, some areas earning you more Marks than others.


Should I have/Do I need to read 'The Maze Runner' to join the pack?
No, there is no expectation for you to have read the book and you won't be left out if you haven't. The book has been used as merely inspiration for the idea (as well as some names being used) and all aspects are explained within the posts, or able to be asked about on this thread.

If you have any questions about any aspects of the site or roleplay please post them here =)

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FAQ - For All Your Glader Concerns
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