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A WolfQuest based pack inspired by the Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner
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 The Roles - Positions within the Glade

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PostSubject: The Roles - Positions within the Glade   Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:50 am

Here is a list of all of the ranks and roles within the Glade;

    The Council
    The wolves who take part in Gatherings

      The Harbinger
      The leader of the Gladers, this wolf's role is to maintain order and stability within the Glade. They must be a strong,
      determined character in order to ensure the survival of all under his rule.

      The Keeper of the Runners
      This wolf is like a second to the Harbinger, a wolf of superb skill and experience that has allowed them to become the
      best of the Runners. This wolf take charge in the absence of their leader.

      The Keepers
      Keeper of the Argents ; Keeper of the Cerebrals ; Keeper of the Reapers ; Keeper of the Medjacks ;
      These wolves are the best at what they do and thus the head of their respective rank. Their job is to keep order within
      their own group and teach newer members the tricks of the trade. They are the representatives of their groups in Gatherings.

    The Gladers
    The majority of the pack.

      The Runners
      The wolves of this pretigious group usually have a well-rounded balance of speed, strength, bravery and wit and must possess a
      great deal of experience within the Glade. Their eyes, ears and minds are constantly open for any disturbances and they report
      back to the Harbinger and Cerebrals. These are some of the only wolves that are lucky (or rather, unlucky) enough to enter the Maze.

      The Argents
      These wolves must be courageous and fierce for they are relied upon to be the defenders of the pack. Usually of a larger, more muscled
      build, they are admired for their ability to face off against the foul creatures of the Glade.

      The Reapers
      Called so because they reap the prey of the Glade and to do so must be fast with good stamina. They provide the Gladers with food on a
      regular basis and are appreciated for their hard work.

      The Cerebrals
      These wolves are the most intelligent wolves in the pack, regardless of their physical build. They are relied upon for their quick thinking and
      problem solving abilities and it is hoped that by using information collected by the Runners they might find a way out.

      The Medjacks
      Sometimes referred to as 'Meddies', wolves of this group are well known for their healing abilities and knowledge of various herbs and plants.
      The Gladers rely on them to treat sickness and injuries of all forms.

    The Greenies
    The new arrivals to the Glade

      The Greenies
      'Greenbeans' as they are sometimes called, are the newest to the Glade and have yet to fine their place as a true Glader. Their only objective is
      to prove their worth to the Harbinger so that they may earn a rank and begin pulling their weight in the Glade.
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The Roles - Positions within the Glade
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