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A WolfQuest based pack inspired by the Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner
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 Master List of Subjects

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PostSubject: Master List of Subjects   Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:06 pm

      Master List of Subjects to Have Resided Within the Glade from the Time of Azrael as Harbinger
      -- Listed on order of 'subject' --

    Subject _ -- 'name*' (WQ Username)
    Gender // Rank // Current Status
    brief personality

    Subject A -- 'Azrael' (portia)
    Masculine // Harbinger // Alive and in Control
    A dark, complicated soul with a slight obsession for order and consistancy when it comes to the Glade. He has high expectations, but is still a kind gentleman.

    Subject B -- 'Kiara' (a non-user character)
    Feminine // Medjack // Deceased [hunting accident]
    A soft hearted and kind wolf.

    Subject C -- '_____' (a non-user character)
    Masculine // Cerebral // MIA [Lost in Nightmare Niche]
    An intelligent being who saw the good in all, even WICKED.

    Subject D -- 'Damon' (The Mentalist)
    Masculine // Keeper of the Runners // Alive and active
    Like a storm he is wild as the wind, strong and loud as the thunder. Even so he is steadfast and fiercely loyal to Azrael and willing to protect any that earn his trust.

    Subject E -- 'Nakia' (horseg27)
    Feminine // Greenie // Alive and active
    A spunky young wolf not afraid to take on anything or anyone. She says what she thinks and has her own opinions. A sassy, upfront and determined youngster.

    Subject F -- 'Circe' (Xiald)
    Feminine // Greenie // Alive and Active

*click on their name to be taken to their bio
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Master List of Subjects
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