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A WolfQuest based pack inspired by the Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner
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 Catalogue of Horrors - the Flora & Fauna of the Glade

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PostSubject: Catalogue of Horrors - the Flora & Fauna of the Glade   Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:01 am

    Ͼ Catalogue of Horrors Ͽ
    A guide to the unnatural beasts and plants of the Glade
    As you may have noticed, there is a myriad of strange creatures and plant-life lurking within the Glade not found naturally. They are genetically-modified creatures crafted by WICKED, being either altered to have mechanical qualities, hybrids of various species, or something of a completely unique phylum. Here is where you can find the names and information on all species that have been mentioned within the Glade.

| : | F ʟ ᴏ ʀ ᴀ | : |

Status :: Medicinal plant - usable by all Gladers
Location:: Found in open spaces with lots of the artificial light, though not too far from other plant's roots; Most commonly sighted around the edges of Marauder's Meadow
Appearance :: It's a small, spindly plant that stands tallest at 30cm. It has broad leaves that are a deep green in colour with the stem and veins being a dark purple. It's roots, however, are large and bulbous, about twice the size of the plant itself and leak a thick, clear, viscous liquid.
Properties :: The sap found in the roots acts as a rapid numbing agent, numbing every organic thing it touches within minutes and lasts for a minimum of four hours, depending on the quantity applied. The leaves themselves hold no unique qualities, but work well to be wrapped around the wound after the sap as been applied.
Additional Information :: Named after Beldevere, one of the first Medjacks who discovered it's properties.
Reference :: http://theglade.forumotion.com/t32-glade-flora-references#199

| : | F ᴀ ᴜ ɴ ᴀ | : |

Status :: Highly dangerous - to be avoided at all costs
Location:: Found only in the Maze
Appearance :: Half-mechanical, half-beast creatures with bodies like "a gigantic slug, sparsely covered with hair and glistening with slime" and with various spikes, mechanical devices and lights protruding from their body. About 2 meters long and a meter thick, they curl into a ball and roll forward a few meters at a time to move.
Nature :: Aggressive and dangerous. To be stung by one of their spikes leads to the onset of a physical and mental breakdown that eventually results in death, unless you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to get treated by the Serum.
Additional Information :: Only one wolf has ever survived a Griever sting - Subject A. As a result he now has green markings adorning his pelt.
Reference :: to come.

Status :: Non-threatening - the 'eyes of the Glade'
Location:: They lurk in every portion of the Glade
Appearance :: Mostly mechanical devices that look something like a lizard cross a beetle, with eight legs and a small red light that scans out in front of it. 'WICKED' is written in green letters across their rounded backs.
Nature :: They generally don't come in contact with Gladers and are too quick to be caught. They just happen to be everywhere and it is believed they are how the organisation keeps an eye on their experiment.
Additional Information :: --
Reference :: http://theglade.forumotion.com/t22-beetleblade-reference

Status :: Dangerous when provoked.
Location:: There is believed to be just one, found in the deepest reaches of Lover's Lake
Appearance :: No one has ever seen all of the Algerspike and lived to tell the tale. All that is usually seen are the large, slimy but thickly muscled tentacles of varying degrees that spring from the water to snag its prey. They are a murky brown-green and on their underside sprout sharp metal spikes that protrude from the thick skin to latch onto unsuspecting victims.
Nature :: Relatively docile but a quick temper. As long as its pool isn't disturbed it is content lying at the bottom of the Lake, but if it detects a stranger too close it won't hesitate upon attack unless called off by WICKED itself. However, it does not always appear to be there and there are some sections of the water it is not programmed to attack from.
Additional Information :: It's spikes hold a slight poison that is relatively minor and at its worst will cause the loss of nerve function in the affected and surrounding areas for up to two days and make it difficult to run for approximately a week. The poison takes about an hour and a half to set in properly, but the medicine that was provided to the previous Medjacks is still abundant and easily accessed at the Homestead and repels all negative effects of the poison.
Reference :: to come.

An obvious work in progress.
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Catalogue of Horrors - the Flora & Fauna of the Glade
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