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A WolfQuest based pack inspired by the Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner
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 Glader Glossary

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PostSubject: Glader Glossary   Sat Jun 16, 2012 1:53 pm

Here at the Glade we are quite fond of our slang and colloquial language, so here's a list of some of the more common words we use:

  • Beetleblades - mechanical devices that look something like a lizard cross a beetle, with eight legs and a small red light that scans out in front of it. 'WICKED' is written in green letters across their rounded backs and it is believed that they are how the organisation watches and keeps track of the Gladers. (For a reference, click here.
  • Box, The - A kind of elevator. It is how all Gladers enter the Glade.
  • Changing, The - An extremely painful process a wolf undergoes after receiving the Serum. It involves a few vague memory flashbacks and lasts at least three days.
  • Gathering - What we call a meeting between the Keepers and the Harbinger to make important decisions for the Gladers.
  • 'Good that' - a saying equivilent to ok/yes
  • Greenbean - Another name for the 'Greenies' or newbies
  • Griever - The half-mechanical, half-beast creatures that roam the Maze. Their bodies are like "a gigantic slug, sparsely covered with hair and glistening with slime" with various spikes, mechanical devices and lights protruding from their body. About 2 meters long and a meter thick, they curl into a ball and roll forward a few meters at a time to move. Getting stung by one of the many spikes leads to the onset of a physical and mental breakdown and eventually death unless you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to get treated by the Serum.
  • Meddy - A nick-name for a Medjack
  • Serum, The - A thick, sticky liquid sent only very rarely by WICKED to the Glade. It is known to be a cure for some Griever stings but causes the recipient to undergo the Changing.
  • Shank - An informal term used by some of the older Gladers in place of the word 'Glader'
  • WICKED - Stands for 'Wolves in Communal Killzone - Experimental Department' and is the organisation that made the Glade and sent the wolves there presumabley for experimental purposes

This list will be added to as more terms are used, and any suggestions for what to add can be made on this thread[url][/url]
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Glader Glossary
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